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Sunday, March 11, 2012

3/10/12 Rail Trail From Dexter

Cold but sunny. Still trying to avoid icy trails. Started the rail trail from Dexter. Today it was a mix of snow, ice, and bare ground. The ice was easily got around and the walking pretty good. Where we started from was in the city behind an auto parts store and immediately Kelley ran onto someones property to greet a family tapping their maple trees. Fortunately they were friendly and gave her a little attention before we got started.

No snowmobiles today

Not an exciting or dramatic hike but it was good to be out , we had the trail to ourselves except for two ATVs that passed us, and we got in a good 3 1/4 hour walk.


  1. Bird-Dog and I spent a few hours this afternoon looping on the Beech Mtn Trail (via Long Pond Pump Station>West Ridge>South Ridge return): 99% snow & ice-free w/only one area of overflow that was easily bushwhacked around. Gorgeous day too, perfect weather, and met several other folks + their dogs, no doubt from the carriage roads being closed now due to the recent rains. Looking forward to tomorrow’s heat-wave and another outing… happy trails/tails!

  2. Hi Jamie

    Thanks for the update - we like that hike a lot. Sounds like it was very good for you two. I also did not know about the carriage road closing. Seems early for that.


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