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Friday, March 2, 2012

3/1/12 Downtown

Cold, very windy, and snowing. We went downtown to walk around for 45 minutes and I was very uncomfortable. Kelley doesn't ever seem to be bothered by the weather and there were people to greet and lots of things to smell. My fingers were numb even with my gloves on so I only took them off for this one odd graffiti. I don't understand the message and would appreciate input from anyone who does. A friend thinks the man might be Randal Keynes, great- great grandson of Darwin who , like Darwin is also interested in pigeons.

About 8:00 o'clock it was still snowing and we had several inches of new fluffy snow . I decided to give Kelley a treat and got dressed and took her out for a romp. I let her off leash because there was no traffic and she ran and played much like a child. She was very excited and headed toward her friend Sarge's house but he was inside and she soon gave up and we walked back home.


  1. Our dogs get excited in the snow as well. Our little one, Zed, who is 11 weeks old doesn't quite know what to make of it though. I'm curious, as gasoline breaks the $4 mark and more, will you curtail your hiking travels?

  2. Hi penbayman

    We have reached that price before ( last summer?) and we kept on going. Kelley has to get out and hike ( for the health of her legs) so we will continue. I will look for places with less driving involved but hike we will.

    1. That's what I thought..I doubt if it will curtail my fishing much either...

  3. My brother's ( ex banker) explanation.

    I think, in answer to your question, that the graffiti is a depiction of Greenspan the former head of the Federal Reserve. He was much in favor of letting the big banks do what they want and did nothing to stop the major problem with the housing issue. He has testified latter that he failed to see the problem and failed to take any action to curtail the packaging and sale of the huge number of mortgage backed securities. He has said that he was sorry. He was the banks pigeon.

  4. I believe your brother is correct. That does look like Alan Greenspan. Which would indeed make the graffiti a political statement.

    I've read that there is a "pigeon" man posting wheat paste (temporary) graffiti in Bangor, Maine. It would be interesting to see more if you run across it.

  5. Thanks for commenting John. I got the article you sent and we were downtown today ( in the rain) but I let Kelley choose the route so I didn't look for any of his work. I did check out several statues we passed but found nothing. Perhaps they have already washed away.


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