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Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/24/12 Catherine and Caribou Mountain Trails

Mix of clouds, overcast, and a little sun with temps in upper 30s to lower 40s. A friend told us how to find the Catherine Mountain Trail we couldn't find the other day and we did find it - 15.8 miles on 182 from Rte. 1.

It starts off as a woods road- part of what threw us.

And soon turns into a nice woods trail

Which starts to rise more steeply than the approach from the west that we usually take.

As you near the ridge there is a very short trail to the right which takes you to the Catherine Cliffs and some nice views of the other side of the ridge

Back on the main trail Kelley enjoys the view

The literature describes a "chair made of rocks" near the top and we assume this is it.

We followed the trail down the other side of the mountain and onward to the Caribou Extension which took us up to the Caribou Mountain Trail and this view.

We then turned back the way we had come. Immediately after I took this picture Kelley broke the ice to get to the water below.

Back on the Catherine Mountain Trail and an easier ascent than earlier from the east.

Our view as we ate our lunch

Next to the parking area people have dumped trash and I found this light

Even though it felt a bit cool when we started the temperatures were quite comfortable as we were hiking and it was enjoyable. . We met only one other couple near the end of the hike.
3 hours


  1. You found some decidedly odd things to photograph this day. I like the pictures.

  2. Thanks for your comments John

  3. Thanks for looking and commenting Casey. Another of those " a lot of bang for your buck" mountains in Maine.


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