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Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/23/12 Walden and City Forest

Beautiful day- around 60 with sun. Didn't feel like driving so we went to Walden and City Forest for 3 hours. We started from the parking area at the end of Tamarack Trail and I let Kelley choose the trails. At one point I looked back and could not find her and started walking the trails and calling her with no response. After about 30 minutes I was worried as she had never been away this long. As I started up the rail bed to circle back to where we had last been together I saw her with her friend Sophie and Sophie's owner walking toward me. I was told Kelley had been unperturbed by our separation and after a chat we continued on up the rail bed - on Kelley's part as if nothing had happened.

We took the West Trail that Kelley loves in City Forest and walked along for awhile with a couple of nice guys ( without dogs) for awhile. After they turned off another trail we continued on to give Kelley the treat of the beaver pond and met a woman with Amber, a Chocolate Lab who except for a few extra pounds looked remarkably like Kelley. The dogs played well together and this was another treat for Kelley.

We continued on to the pond, Kelley had a swim, and we took the trails back to the car. A very nice day except for Kelley's AWOL.

The water doesn't have to be clean.


  1. I love all your photos, but especially the one of Kelley swimming in the water. It's a winner!

  2. Thanks Linda- I like it too.

  3. Exceptional bokeh on the first two photos. What lens are you using?

  4. I'm sure she wouldn't have gone home with anyone else! I hope some day my dogs will get along with others the way Kelley seems to!

  5. Thanks John- the 100mm macro- I took a little more care with depth of field with these than i sometimes do. Kelley gets impatient if I dawdle.

  6. Thanks for commenting Faith. Kelley is such a friendly creature - she thinks all people and dogs are her friends.


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