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Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15/12 Walden and City Forest

Yesterday it rained and we were at home except for a brief jaunt around the neighborhood. I bought the camera I now use ( most of the time) because it will accept the lenses from a much older camera I still have. So I used the time yesterday to finally learn how to adapt the old lenses.

This morning we awoke to snow- less than an inch but snow with rain predicted later. Seemed like a good day to go to Walden and try out the old lenses. Kelley was happy to be out and even more so because there was new snow. We walked for two and one half hours, including the City Forest trail she insists on because there are almost always people and dogs and saw not a soul. And there were no tracks on any of the trails- very unusual but nice to have it all to ourselves.

I was able to get the lenses to work - mostly in manual mode - have been spoiled by auto focus and will need to relearn that skill.

There was just enough snow to coat everything and make it a pretty hike.


  1. Aren't the woods beautiful (no word will really do) with just a light dusting of snow? The kind of snow you can actually hear landing on the trees. Great pictures-- Faith

  2. Thank you for looking and commenting Faith. Yes, it was lovely and peaceful. And not enough to have to shovel.

  3. And winter hangs on for a bit longer...

  4. Hi penbayman- but glorious spring will eventually be here.

  5. Lovely snow scenes, but I look forward to seeing you and Kelley hiking in warmer weather.

  6. Thanks John - me too- had thought we were through with snow.


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