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Friday, March 9, 2012

3/8/12 Western and Long Pond Trails

Forecast was for temperatures around 50, 30-40 mph winds, and rain. We headed out anyway. Decided to do the Western Trail ( now called 'Great Notch Trail') from the closed fire road off Rte. 102. Portents begin with me not bothering with the map and taking us way out of our way to get to our starting point. There was no place at the fire road to park and turning around in someones drive I got stuck on some ice and had to put gravel under the tire to get out. We found a place just wide enough to park off the road back on 102 and walked back to the fire road to begin.

The fire road began as a sheet of ice, though we could easily walk beside the road.

When we got to the Western trail it looked good.

But soon became icy and wet. Not that Kelley minded.

Most of the Western was icy and we walked along the side of the trail a good bit with some minor bushwhacking. We had originally though about going up to Great Notch but the ice changed our minds about that and we took the Long Pond Trail instead. There were also lots of icy sections on this trail ( but it has no steep sections) - more avoidance behavior by us.

Near the pond is a bridge that crosses Great Brook

When we reached the pond we walked along the trail to a spot where we usually have lunch and Kelley has a swim. She was not interested in dealing with the breaking up ice and stayed on shore.

After lunch we turned and headed back.

Kelley has a good memory ( especially for water features) and at this spot along the trail we usually climb down to the brook for an apple and a swim. Today neither of us was inclined to climb down.

Back on the Western Trail - some pretty woods

When we started the hike Kelley had run ahead of me and into a pond for a swim but was out before I could get to her and my camera. I was ready for her on the way out. She does love the water.

Not the best hiking conditions but we had sun instead of the predicted rain , saw some pretty sights, and got in a good 3 3/4 hours of hiking.


  1. The "pretty woods" and "breaking ice" pictures are especially nice.

  2. Thanks John - I like those too. Not a good day for seeing as I was watching where I stepped a lot.

  3. Thanks for looking and commenting penbayman. It was, indeed.


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