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Monday, March 12, 2012

3/11/12 Rail Trail From Lagrange

Cloudy day but supposed to warm up and give us some sun. Last time we did this trail we could not find the Lagrange trail head and started from Medford but today we found it.

Lots of ice, snow, and ice glazed snow. At the start we did a lot of ice avoiding and walked along the side quite a bit where the snow was not packed down.

We met these guys near the start. They were doing trail maintenance - trimming branches, replacing signs, etc. Kelley was happy to meet them and they gave her some attention.

I was about ready to give up and stop fighting the ice when the trail improved and there was mostly snow and much better footing.

Couldn't resist one more of these.

Similar to yesterday's shot but I like it so here it is.

We crossed Rte. 155 and, because the track had been so good were going to continue but it then turned icy again and we turned back.

The return was easier as the temperatures were warmer and the sun had come out and the icy glaze was gone except in the shady spots. There was still lots of ice near the start but easily got 'round.

I don't know what this little building was in the lot where we parked. Perhaps something to do with nearby railroad ( a working version)

A pretty good hike in spite of the hairy start as the weather had turned quite nice and the walking easier as the day progressed. 4 hours


  1. cool 4wd truck! The gas-powered tree trimmer is nice also. Those guys have all the best toys.

  2. Hi John- Thanks for looking and commenting. They seemed to be enjoying their toys too. I was really impressed with the truck. Asked if they switched it back to regular wheels in summer and they do not- it's just for the trails.

  3. Love the Bronco on treads..too cool!

  4. Hey penbayman- you aren't the only one - see note above


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