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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/20/12 Little River Trail

Beautiful day - got up to mid 70s and bright sun. We wanted a trail we thought would be free of ice and it was except for a few tiny patches back in the woods that were not a problem. Mostly just lots of pine needles and old leaves to walk on.

We started at the water district office end for the first time. The reservoir was also losing it's ice.

Which meant Kelley quickly got a swim.

The spillway at the bottom of the second reservoir.

When we reached the ball field end we had our apple and headed back the way we had come. I had photographed this tree before in snow.

A leisurely swim after lunch

and a shower for me as I was still sitting on the ground next to the water.

This was a very pleasant hike on a beautiful day and Kelley seemed to enjoy it too - lots of running around, exploring, and swimming or, at least getting into the streams we crossed. Extra Kelley pics for penbayman.
3 3/4 hours


  1. Nice to see your ice is melting. Great shot of Kelley shaking off the water.

  2. Yes, seeing the ice melting is a good thing. Kelley looks like she is really enjoying the swim.

  3. Thanks Linda- 80 today-odd weather

    Hi John- Kelley did enjoy this hike- it's been a long time since she has had so many opportunities on one hike to actually swim.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the hike in my neighborhood! And thanks for the extra Kelley photos. It looks like she had a blast!

  5. Thanks penbayman- she did and so did I


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