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Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/21/12 Frye Mountain

Another beautiful day so we decided to do the whole loop at Frye Mountain starting from Walker Ridge Road. The trail is described as 9.5 miles and since the road is closed for mud season it's another 1/4 mile from parking to the trail head so about 10 miles.

The trail is mostly various kinds of woods and the first part is mostly flat.

We often find these old stone walls but never near houses or tilled fields- they all seem to be out in the middle of nowhere.

Once you cross the second road the trail starts a steady climb up the mountain. At the intersection with the loop we took the southern fork and after a brief climb began a descent. After this it was a long series of up hills and down the other side and then up again.

Many trail guides and online sites describe the view "The view from the summit of Frye Mountain is excellent, offering scenes of the surrounding farmland, lakes, ponds, and a clear view of Penobscot Bay." You find almost the exact quote so I expect it is just being copied. Unfortunately it's not true. The only summit views are through trees such as this from near the summit

This was a tiring hike which took longer than expected. We are getting slower or the trail is longer than described. Still a good outing with only tiny patches of easily avoided ice and lots of water for Kelley. 5 3/4 hours


  1. Looks like you might be getting some spring type weather. Great photos, I am amazed how open the woods are. Here in the south we have so much under brush. We have none or very little old growth timber. I guess that is the reason. Bill

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting Bill. Not all the woods are that open but lots are. The weather has been weird all year- 80 yesterday and today- way above normal-old record was 67

  3. Looks like unseasonably warm weather there...we are having the same in Michigan. What did Kelley have to say about today's hike?

  4. Hi John- yes I'm ready to start complaining about the heat. Kelley did not seem bothered by the length of the hike and we crossed several streams so she got her water time in.

  5. 10 plus miles..that's way out of my comfort zone!

  6. Hi penbayman - was for me that day too.


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