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Thursday, March 1, 2012

12/29/12 Holbrook Island State Park

Nice day- mostly sunny, upper 20's, and no wind. Forecast is for snow and then rain for the next couple of days so we wanted to get in a good one today. We had enjoyed hiking here in summer but had never tried it in winter.

None of the trails are very long so we usually do a combination. Today we started on the Summit Trail but just planned to do the loop and skip the summit which does not have open views. We were surprised at the small amount of snow and ice ( we still have several inches on the ground at home).

After completing the loop which is mostly a flat woods walk we decided to try the summit after all. The section beyond the loop quickly becomes rocky as you climb.

The trail also became more icy as we climbed. Kelley beat me up this section but the rest of the way up we had to bushwhack to avoid steep icy sections.

We returned to the car and drove to the picnic area near the shore where there is parking. The beach-like area was clear of ice but there was lots of ice just beyond.

Kelley, of course, had to try out the water. It was calm today - she does not like waves.

This snow on the rocks reminded me of one of those old Japanese paintings.


We then drove the short distance to the Backshore Trail - another easy walk to the shore where we found this colorful rock.

Next was the Iceworks Trail. Another woods walk with a bit more ice but nothing not easily avoided. The trail takes you to Fresh Pond. The level of water seemed low but the ice seems to be leaving. We did the loop around the pond and along the edge Kelley found some very thick mud to struggle through. I was now hoping she would find some clean water to get into before we finished the hike- she did.

After lunch beside the pond - very pleasant- we took the Iceworks Trail back to our car and headed for home. It had been a varied and interesting hike. Total hiking time 3 1/2 hours


  1. There's always interesting stuff to see along the shoreline.

  2. Hi John - that seems to be the case.


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