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Sunday, April 1, 2012

3/31/12 Sunhaze Meadows NWR

Weather forecast was vague and I didn't feel like driving far anyway so we went to Sunkhaze. Turned out to be a nice day with mild temps and mostly sunny.

We did the Carter Meadow Road first ( the map does not show the loop trail that goes to the observation deck so it's location on the above map is very approximate). Shortly after starting Kelley saw a man ahead of us and sprinted forward to walk with him for awhile. This went on until the man stopped to let me catch up and then we all walked together to the loop trail where he turned back. He is a member of Friends of Sunkhaze - a volunteer group that works to protect the refuge - and a nice man. We both thought it was rare to meet anyone on the trails there.

View of the meadows from the observation deck.

After completing the loop we drove to the Johnson Brook Trail. Of course Kelley found water to get into.

The trail starts as more of a woods road than regular trail. We walked to the beaver pond first ( still mostly frozen) and then met three people with three dogs - funny after talking about seldom seeing anyone on the trails. That was a chance for Kelley to play with other dogs which she always loves.

We then turned back and did the loop trail back to the main trail and to our car.

Not a bad outing- some patches of snow in shadier spots but no ice on the trails and not too wet- some of these trail can be pretty mushy. 2 1/2 hours


  1. Hi John-- My dogs and I actually went to Sunkhaze and the Johnson brook trail yesterday, too, but probably later than you and Kelley-- I saw some boot and dog prints that I thought were from earlier in the day. My Roxie got into some water, also. I could not remember which trail went to the observation platform, so thanks-- we will go there soon. Lots of birds. We continued up the County Road a couple miles to the Falls, which were beautiful as always, Faith

  2. Hi Faith-- I'm sorry we missed you. I don't think I know the Falls. How to you get to them?

  3. Hi John, Sunkhaze Falls is a lovely little step falls which flows all year round, generally. To reach it, proceed up the County Road 1 mile past Johnson Brook Trail to the road's intersection with the Stud Mill Rd. Go straight through, the Sunkhaze crosses the road 1-2 miles further on, with the Falls on the right. I think you will like it, Faith

  4. Thanks Faith. I don't know it- thanks for the directions.


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