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Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/13/12 Tunk Mountain from Myrick Pond Road

Lower 50s, sunny, little wind - great hiking weather. We chose this trail up Tunk because we had only done it once before. We had a little trouble finding it the first time as the trail head is not actually on Myrick Pond Road ( some locals helped us last time). After you turn on to Myrick Pond Rd. you go 4/10 mile and take the right fork, drive a short distance and park near some large rocks - the road gets rougher at this point. A 10 minute walk further up the road is a sort of clearing with a large boulder with faded blue paint .

The trail head is still not obvious but go a short distance and you can't miss it. It is well used . blazed, and easy to follow.

Near the ridge is an impossible spot for Kelley. We have also encountered it coming up the now abandoned trail from Hidden Ponds parking - left fork . This requires a fairly wide bushwhack. On the way down we discovered a trail that leaves the main trail and then rejoins it beyond this point - much easier but very difficult to see on the way up- I left a small piece of tape on a branch to help us next time.

Nearing the long ridge with it's many great views.

We followed the ridge to where the trail starts down to the Hidden Ponds

shared an apple and returned the way we had come ( except for the side trail mentioned earlier) . Beautiful day in a pretty spot made for a very nice hike 3 hours


  1. The mostly bare rock at the top of mountains there makes me wonder if you've noticed signs of glacial erosion (from about 13,000 years ago)?

  2. Hi John

    Most of the terrain in this region was formed by glaciers but I don't know what the signs would be. Perhaps the large slabs of nearly flat granite? Also some of the mountains are wooded at the summit. I need more education.


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