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Saturday, April 7, 2012

4/6/12 Bangor

Cold gray dreary day. I couldn't get motivated to come up with a hike so we went downtown for an hour and then came home and did a little work cleaning up the neglected gardens- Kelley watching to make sure I did it correctly. She likes downtown because there are so many interesting smells and also lots of people to meet.

There were several of these large trees with odd bark at the edge of a playground. I don't think I have seen this variety before. They looked dead but I will return to see if that is true.

Fixer Upper

Part of the old police station


  1. I know that your blog is for Maine hikers...but I'm not a hiker myself and I find the downtown Bangor pics more interesting. Kelley and I are rooting for more downtown stuff.

  2. Thanks for your comment John- The thing I don't like about downtown is that I have to keep her on a leash. We have several days of poor weather forecast so we probably be back in town.

  3. John, I Love the tree-- reminds me of some I saw in the Pacific northwest. They had lots of lichen on them, though. Very thick, ropey bark. Nice picture!


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