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Sunday, April 29, 2012

4/28/12 Bangor

Cold (30's)and quite windy but the sun is shining. Kelley was happy to be out ( we had a late start because of seedlings to deal with and waiting for a little warmth) and there were a surprising number of people out and about so Kelley had her social needs met. There were lots of flowering things but the harsh light and the wind made it difficult to photograph them. I seemed to end up with lots of windows.
I did get my first bee of the year

A nice outing in spite of the cold.  1  1/2 hours


  1. Honeybee is a very good sign.
    Windows are cool.
    Is that stenciled graffiti? Maybe Pigeon-man has graduated to big cats?

  2. Thanks for commenting John- bee may be a sign but there was a skin of ice on some pools on this morning's hike-graffiti looks kind of like a mix

  3. How old is Kelley? I hike with a 5 yr old Labradoodle. We did the River Link trail on Sat. The wildflowers have started and should be bountiful in another week or 2. Wood anemones, wild oats, Goldthread and Trailing Arbutus already blooming. Canada Mayflowers have buds.

  4. Hi Jill

    Kelly will be 5 this summer. I am not familiar with the River Link Trail. Where is it? I am looking forward to the wildflowers- we have seen few so far.

  5. The River Link trail is in Edgecomb and Newcastle. The northern terminus is the parking lot of the Dodge Point Preserve. There's a parking lot off the McKay Road on the southern end. It's 5 miles one way. It think the plan is for it to eventually link the Sheepscot and Damariscotta Rivers. We did not see the Sheepscot and did not go down the Dodge Pt trails to the Damarscotta. Still a nice hike through the woods, few wet spots. Several old roads and trails cross the path but intersections are well marked.

  6. Hi Jill - thanks for the information.


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