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Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/14/12 Marsh Island Natural Area

Another beautiful day. Still wanting to do the Buzzy Brook Trails at Sunkhaze in spite of closed Stud Mill Rd. Looking at a map of the area and I found a piece of the sanctuary off Rt.2 that looked like we could hike in to the other end of McLaughlin Rd. and get to the trails that way. When we found the place there were NWR signs saying this was no longer part of the refuge and a bunch of NO TRESPASSING signs. Ok- heading back on Rt. 2 we would cross a trail into the Marsh Island area and we had never started from there so we'll do that. A short distance down the trail and there is a sign saying the trail is closed because of a construction project.

Kelley thought the very rough unfinished road looked perfectly usable so we took it until it crossed one of the trails and we took that and others over to the Penobscot and she had a swim in the river ( she is leery of the swift current and only goes in a little way) and a pond where she was more comfortable. We then worked our way back to our car.

In spite of the setbacks we had a nice hike on a beautiful day. 1 3/4 hours


  1. Hi-- My dogs and I went to the Sunkhaze NWR this afternoon and eventually I drove to the gate on the Stud Mill Rd heading toward Rt 2, parked, and we walked down the road to where the Sunkhaze Stream crosses (less than 1000 feet I think) and walked the path along the stream on the right. Not much of a walk, but the stream is fast and deep now, and such a lovely day. Dogs waded in and swam repeatedly. Lots of cutting in the area.

  2. Hi Faith - thanks for the info - sounds like a place Kelley would like. Let me know if you notice when the road is open again.


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