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Saturday, May 8, 2010

5/7/10 Woodchuck Hill

Thanks for the suggestion Scott

Sunny and cooler but with wind to keep the bugs down.We again started from the parking area near the boat ramp but once we got into the scout area we had a hard time finding the Blue and Gold Trail. There are many roads and trails not on this map (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Once we found the trail we realized we had hiked it back before we started the blog when we were exploring in search of another trail.

The first section is a pleasant woods walk to Snowshoe Pond

As Scott noted and we remembered the next section had sections Kelley couldn't manage and we walked down the road to an alternative trail suggested by Scott .

But gets steeper as you continue, though nothing that posed a problem for Kelley

And at the top has some nice views

Since we both prefer loops we decided to hike down the more difficult trail knowing we would have to bushwhack around a couple of spots

Think about her next move- mostly she finds her own alternative routes

Most of the trail is not too difficult for Kelley

This was the biggest problem ( there is another ladder not shown in the picture) and we found our own way around it.


The rest of the trail was not difficult and took us back to the pond and the trail we had come in on ( including the first part we had missed on the way out) which we followed back to our car.
3 -1/4 hours--without the false starts about a 2 hour hike.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! The area is so confusing there wasn't much I could do to make it clearer, especially since I'm not overly familiar with it myself. Just enough time passes between trips for me to forget most of it! The first time I went in I lost the trail right at the last of the camp sites like you did. I hiked up there last Dec and made a wrong turn even though it was about my fifth time.

  2. Here's another view from Woodchuck.

  3. Hi Scott

    In spite of the confusion it's still interesting to explore. We saw an orange blazed trail off the around the pond trail( near south end on east side which looked fairly new) to check out. Nice picture.

  4. Here's some info about climbing Mt Waldo without using the road everyone drives up. There is a map and trail descriptions in separate files:

  5. I haven't seen that orange blazed trail. I do remember an old road coming down to the pond in that area.

  6. Thanks again Scott. Last summer we drove in there to try Waldo but when I rolled down the window the car filled with deer flies-incredible! We left and didn't return but this may be a good time to try again.


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