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Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/14/10 Sheepscot Headwaters trails

Part of the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance. The trails also connect to the Georges Highland Path.

A mix of clouds and hazy sun but the temperatures were comfortable. We started on the spur from Halldale Road which took us to the Bog Brook Loop Trail. This was an easy trail with little elevation change.

And water for Kelley

There is a short trail from the loop to the Marsh. As you can see it's been a fairly dry spring so far.


Violets, and other flowers are now blooming

From the loop trail we took the Hogback Connector which took us gradually up to the Hogback Overlook Loop and these views.

We completed the loop and then descended to finish the Bog Brook Loop Trail and return to our car via the Halldale Spur. A nice hike with no rain and no difficult spots for kelley. 3 - 1/2 hours.


  1. Lush and green. The closeups mix well with the landscapes.

  2. Nice hike. I've done both ends but not the connector.
    The Whitten Hill loop is nice too, with the remnants of a farm and stone walls in the reforested fields.
    Have you done nearby Goose Ridge? I did part of it, but part of the trail was closed (since reopened, I believe, as SWLA is leading a hike there this year). Beautiful old roads all grassed over and several cellar holes from the days when there were a group of farms there.
    I'm glad you've enjoyed my suggestions. I enjoy finding new places and sharing them. I don't know how many views your blog is getting, but I've shared it with a number of people on Facebook and elsewhere.

  3. John W

    Thanks for comment. Can you tell difference in camera?


    I have done all of those trails but didn't finish Goose Ridge because it passes a horse farm and there was some kind of equine fever or something at the time so we didn't go through it. Everything I read about Frye Mtn. talks about the view and the fire tower. I didn't see either. Am I blind or is that old info?

    I appreciate you spreading the word about the blog. My Pbase site has pictures of our hikes from before I started the blog.

  4. There is a short trail up to where the fire tower used to be. The tower was removed by the state (by helicopter) due to fears of vandalism and reinstalled elsewhere. I climbed it once. It was very small, but high enough to see over the trees. I spoke with a woman there who said that that part of the mountain used to be clear of trees (harvesting? fire?) and views were great even from the ground. Your info is old as I went up there last year and there is no view whatsoever. At the south end of the loop trail, near where the Georges highland path crosses a dirt road then meets the loop there is some bare ledge with a view to the south, but that's it.

  5. On the closeups the in-focus details are very nicely rendered.

  6. John--That's the 100mm macro

    Scott--Yes, We did the loop from Walker Ridge Rd. and I remember the ledge. Still- a nice hike.

    We tried Lead Mtn. but didn't find the summit-again info from old hiking book. Not familiar with Fletcher Bluff and would appreciate map. You can email me if easier. Also still interested in where trial to Eagle Bluff starts at the camp.

  7. Lead Mt may be the same situation, views that used to exist might be overgrown, becuase I keep hearing that they're there but I haven't seen them either in my two trips. I assume I was at/near the summit, but that was about 7 years ago.
    As for Eagle Bluff do you mean which way do you pass through and depart the Boy Scout camp?
    In the map on this page you'd pass through on the main road that goes off the page at upper right:
    After about a mile turn right on a well used logging road and immediately go up the driveway of the adjacent camp and around the left side of the camp. It's been three years or so since I've been out there though.

  8. Thanks Scott. Will give it a try. Trying to avoid places that require driving the road to Ellsworth-the construction is very annoying.


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