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Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/30/10 Baker Hill and Long Ledges

A beautiful day for our first MOAC hike that was led by Scott who has been giving us suggestions on the blog. It was nice to finally meet him in person and we were joined by two other men, Jim and Bruce. We started at the Long Ledges parking area and first explored that section which is just past the Baker Hill area. I won't try to describe the course of the hike because I can't. There are many trails off the main trail, none of which are named, and we were on several of them.

Schoodic Mountain across Postage Stamp Pond

Kelley was happy when we got to Long Pond

Which we viewed from several spots as we continued the hike.

We then moved into the Baker Hill section and to the ledges on the hill which afforded some more nice views. We had missed the ledges when we were here before.

This is Acadia from the ledges

The hikers


We spent about 4 hours on this very pleasant hike through varied terrain with good companions.


  1. That had to be enjoyable. I especially like the last (the hikers) photo.

  2. In my first visits to the property there was lots of back tracking, bushwhacking and various false starts. So I found it particularly enjoyable to stretch out and just walk the five miles. Also enjoyable to share the place with my companions.
    I can't get over how scenic the north end of Long Pond is. Our hike detoured about a mile to get to where those pond photos were taken and back, and it was well worth it.

  3. Hi John W. and Scott

    Yes, it was very enjoyable. A lovely day in a pretty place with nice people. Thanks again for leading us, Scott.

  4. Fantastic post as always... love the last picture... Kelly looks very regal in the foreground with the three hikers in the background! Regards, Tim

  5. That's a pretty unusual photo of the three of us in a line!
    I emailed the Frenchman Bay Conservancy thanking them for their work and I described my route to them so I can post it here as well...
    We started at the new Long Ledges parking lot on Punkinville Rd in Sullivan and walked in on that trail.
    Then we turned right (I got a little confused here because I forgot that I had
    to climb up a few feet to find the turn) and went down to the quarry and on to
    the bench facing Schoodic Mt.
    Then we went out the trail to the north and came out on Long Pond where the
    canoes are stashed. I assumed this was on Water District property.
    We returned on the same trail, making a side trip to the beaver lodge on the
    Then we took the connector with the yellow flagging and the two vernal pools.
    Then we turned right, headed back toward the pond and cut across the slope to
    the beaver dam.
    We crossed the beaver dam and went to the ledges on the SW corner of the pond.
    From there we came out and made a right turn to go to the ledges on Baker Hill.
    Then we came out to the road and walked back to the starting point.

  6. Thanks for the description, Scott. It also makes it clear why I couldn't do it.

  7. FBC has put up a photo I took of a fawn at Long Ledges on their website:

  8. A lovely photo. I'm glad they posted it.


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