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Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/27/10 Northern Headwaters Trail

A beautiful day for an easy hike and a less long drive. These trails are part of the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance.
We wanted to start from the Hemlock Hollow Trail because we had not hiked it before but could not find it so started from the Northern Headwaters trail head. This is a pretty woods walk with some small streams and a meadow and little elevation change.




When we came to the intersection with the Hemlock Hollow Trail we took that to see where it came out on the road and found that it started only 15 paces from where we had started up to the other trail head- much closer than it looks on the map. There was no sign but a blue paint blaze on a tree. We continued across the road to check out the trail for a future hike and that was also a nice trail though we only walked for twenty minutes before turning and returning to our car.


A pleasant easy hike. 2-1/2 hours


  1. I never noticed the Hemlock Hollow trail when I did the Whitten Hill loop last fall. The link to the Hogback Connector would make sense. Might be shorter than starting from the south end. Not that I'm lazy, mind you. I found the remains of the farm interesting at the trail head where you started, especially the shrine-like square "room" composed of live cedars.

  2. I hope the rest of the trail is as nice as the part we did. When we did the Hogback Overlook we came out on a nasty rutted gravel road. I don't know how far it continued like that as we looped back the other way.

  3. I can almost smell the pine needles.

  4. It was a beautiful day in the woods!


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