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Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/5/10 - Blackcap Mountain

Another reader suggestion. Thanks Scott.

The Trail to the mountain starts just to the right of the Fitts Pond boat ramp at Roosevelt Scout Camp in Eddington.

And goes through woods along the pond.

When you come to a junction you can continue on the trail which circles the pond or turn right and climb the mountain. The trail becomes steeper but is not too difficult.

Kelley waiting on me

The summit is wooded and has several towers but also ledges which provide views

Continuing along the ridge the trail is fairly level and quite pleasant

with more ledges which provide views

The trail then drops back to the trail along the pond and we intended to continue on around the pond but I missed the turn and headed back to where we had started. Back at the boat ramp we continued around the end of the pond and found the other end of the around the pond trail and this time completed the circuit.

Kelley has one last swim before getting in the car

A nice hike 4 hours


  1. Very nice pictures. It's nice to see some green again after the long winter.

    Are those greens real?

  2. Thanks. It is nice and the greens are real. This is an early spring for us and warmer some days than most of last summer.

  3. That's a sensational view of Mountainy Pond (with the island in the middle.) At least you can see Eagle Bluff on the left even if you can't get to it.
    Have you done Woodchuck Hill at the Boy Scout Camp? The trail shown on the map that goes up the face might be too steep for Kelley.
    But after Snowshoe Pond you can turn right and walk up the road toward the Water District gate. Just before the gate a blazed trail on the left makes a gentler ascent. At the top turn left and walk down that front trail a ways for the view to the west.

  4. It's not as ambitious as most of your hikes, but have you been to Sandy Point?
    See if this link works, it's a public album, so anyone should be able to read it.

  5. Hi Scott

    Thanks for comments and suggestions. Have not done Woodchuck Hill or Sandy Point- maybe combine Sandy Point with another trip to Sears Island.

  6. Is there a trail name or a description of where to find the trailhead anywhere?

    1. The trail starts at Roosevelt Scout camp at Fitts Pond. you can find other similar posts by using the search box at top of blog


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