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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5/26/10 Norumbega Mtn. Trail and Old Brown Mtn. Trail

Today we went in search of another abandoned trail found in the book "Pathmakers". It was called Brown Mountain ( old name for Norumbega) N. Ridge Trail and I have penned in it's approximate location on the map above. Thinking it would be easier to find from the summit of Norumbega we started at the gate at Lower Hadlock Pond and hiked the Norumbega Trail.

It was quite warm, very humid , and not a hint of a breeze but conditions improved as the day progressed. This trail is one we really like. it starts out in nice woods and gradually climbs to a long ridge, mostly open, that takes you to the summit offering views along the way.

When we reached the summit we continued on to the Goat Trail and began looking for signs of a trail. As the trail began it's descent we spotted what looked like a fork and a short walk in that direction revealed a small cairn. The trail was mostly not hard to follow as there were small ( two or three rock) cairns though we did lose the trail a couple of times and had to backtrack to re-find it.

After it dropped into the woods there were some fairly steep sections but nothing Kelley couldn't manage on her own. We reached Rte 198 and searched the other side of the road but could not find where the trail continued. We will try again from the other end. We returned the way we had come.

Upper Hadlock Pond.

This turned out to be a nice day and a nice hike with some sprinkles at the end as we neared the car. 3 -3/4 hours


  1. Looks like an enjoyable hike through the trees. Interesting wildflowers. Do you know what they are?

  2. I don't. Am looking at a friends book but need to do more research.

  3. That north ridge looks nice. It would make, with the south ridge, a smooth traverse of the mountain .

  4. I liked it and it's much nicer than the Goat Trail but my favorite is still the one up the south ridge.

  5. John W.

    We think the flowers are Hudsonia ericoides


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