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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/18/10 Dave Rock and Goose Ridge Trails

 Beautiful sunny day. We had never done the Dave Rock Trail and had done the Goose Ridge Trail from the Northern Headwaters end to the Spirited Horse Ranch. Today we started from Freedom Pond Rd. ( but be aware there is not a sign at either end of this road indicating it's name).

We did Dave Rock first and this was a mixed bag. Parts were in poor shape but there were also nice sections

Some sections were overgrown with brambles which Kelley did not care for.

There were some nice old stone walls and we also circled a couple of corn fields ( not yet planted for this year)

Where we found this dandelion

This pool was quite small but deep enough for Kelley to swim.

When we reached Rte 220 we turned and came back the way we had come, crossed the road and began the Goose Ridge Trail

This trail was in better shape, looked more traveled, and was a pretty walk in the woods.

We walked to the horse ranch we had reached before from the other end and sat in the same field for lunch.

Not sure what point this is on the above map.

We then retraced our route back to the car. 3-1/2 hours for both hikes.


  1. Fields with stone walls, both open and regrown, what a nice hike!
    Poor Dave, they name a trail for the guy then it falls into a porly maintained state.

  2. Have you done Fernald's Neck near Camden? Not a mountain, but miles of trails on the lake. You could grab Hatchet Mt in Hope the same day if you wanted a hill to climb.
    Have you done any of the Cobscook Trails down toward Lubec? It would probably have to be an overnight trip, but Horan Head, the Pike Lands and especially Boot Cove Preserve are among my favorite places anywhere.

  3. Hi Scott

    Fernald's Neck does not allow dogs ( I'm thinking of giving up my Nature Conservancy membership because of their policy). We have been to the Bold Coast a couple of times but not the others mentioned. Thanks for the info.


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