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Saturday, May 22, 2010

5/22/10 Acadia - McFarland Hill and Champlain Mtn.


The first  map is from a National Parks publication called"Pathmakers" and shows the route of the abandoned trail. The second is from Steve Perrin's book "Acadia The Soul of a National Park". He describes the trail as starting near park headquarters and there is a gated park road close by so we started up that. It led to an air quality monitoring station but off to the left there was a small trail visible through a blueberry field which you can see looking back as we start.

 The trail briefly entered the woods but then came out into the open

And then stayed on the open ridge with several nice views and though only 724 feet high it had an Alpine feel to it. Quite lovely.

We think the trail was closer to the one on Perrin's map as it did not make a big curve. We stopped at the headquarters and asked a ranger about the trail but he was not familiar with it and didn't know of any others.

We then drove into the park and took the loop road to the start of the Orange and Black Path which we had not done and turned out to be an interesting challenge.

Almost immediately we ran into an obstacle Kelley couldn't manage and tried a bushwhack to the left that didn't work and then to the right which took us a good ways up the mountain before we could get back to the trail.

A view off to the side

There followed a pleasant stretch without challenges

And then another section of steps and rocks

We were going to take the East Face Trail to the summit but it was closed due to the nesting Peregrine Falcons so we continued on to the Bear Brook ( Champlain N. Ridge) and took that to the summit where we met a group of nice women from Montreal. They were doing an ambitious hike, continuing down Champlain , over and across Gorham to the ocean and the Ocean Path back to sand Beach. They made Kelley very happy with attention.

We went back down Bear Brook to the road
 and walked the road back to our car.


  1. Funny I was just looking at the maps and aerials of this area yesterday. Youngs Mt looks like it might offer somewhat more open views, but it's hard to tell. I haven't hiked either of them. I first spotted Breakneck Pond Rd from the carriage trail and later walked to the ponds all the way from Hulls Cove. At that end there's a little parking area at the end of the drivable section.
    There's also some social/abandoned trails up around Lakewood Pond headed down toward Fawn Pond that I've enjoyed.

  2. We did Breakneck back in February starting at Hull's Cove and going to rte. 233

    I'm not familiar with Lakewood Pond.

  3. Looks like a nice hike. I have a website called ABANDONED TRAILS OF ACADIA NATIONAL PARK with some of the abandoned trails I have done. My two favorite trails are the Bass Harbor Lighthouse trail and the Green Mountain Railroad trail. I will have to check this area out.

    1. We have the Pathmaker's book and have found several of the abandoned trails- I think one of the prettiest is Potholes. Will check your blog

    2. I like your site a lot also 'lost trails.' I subbed and hope to see more updates :) The hiking is so good right now with traffic so much lighter on the island.

    3. Thanks for your comment- I agree that this is the time of year to hike. Some great trails over near Franklin that we seldom meet anyone on- Tunk Mt.- great views, Catherine Mt, and Hidden Ponds -use the search function to find them on here.


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