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Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17 10 Misadventures

Another attempt to find the trail to Eagle Bluff. We started up the road but after more than a mile still had not found the road to the right and the camp so we took a right fork when it presented itself. That eventually led to a cleared area where there had been logging activity ( not recent) that Scott said might present a problem. We found some blue blazes on a few trees and spent some time trying to find the trail but the area was a mess and we had to give up

We did find a chair

Since it wasn't far away we decide to try Fletcher Bluff. We came to a place that had space to park and snowmobile signs and trails and orange tape. ( looking at Scott's pictures of his hike I see we were not in the right place). We started off on this trail that seemed to be in the right direction and it was a pretty day.


The trail narrowed as it entered the woods and became quite indistinct ( there were no blazes or tape) until near this pond it completely disappeared

We turned back and on the way came across a marked trail with orange paint blazes (many blazes-about every other tree). We followed it up and got this small view from the trail

After that view and before we reached the top of whatever we were climbing the trail began a rapid descent and the blazes ended. We again spent time wandering around looking for a trail but finally gave up and walked back to the car. Still a good day for a walk in the woods.


  1. That chair looks familiar! Even though it was 3-4 years ago I remember people laughing about it. So I do think you were on the right course.
    The view of Mountainy Pond that you saw from Blackcap is almost identical to what you'd see from Eagle Bluff.
    I've been looking at Google Earth and wondering if there's another way in there.
    I printed that aerial photo and took it with me when I first sought and found Fletcher Bluff. It was awesome, I could see every landmark on the photo as I came to it in person.
    Looks like you did see some nice sights. I love grassy roads like the one you found.
    If you see blazes on every other tree it's probably a property boundary.

  2. A man who works at the scout camp told me there was a tote road from the end of Fitts Pond that went straight to the camp.He also said he had been to the bluff from a trail inside the water works but that gate was locked.

    Will make another try at Fletcher. There were a couple of options off stagecoach Road-one went back to a paved road. I assumed that was wrong but I don't see how I could have missed it without a wrong turn somewhere.

  3. The chair just jumps out at the viewer. It's a reminder that others have been here before. A history lesson if you will.

  4. The turn you take off Stagecoach Rd is Bradbury Brook Rd. The north end of Stagecoach comes out on Chick Hill Rd.

  5. John W
    Yes-perhaps I should have taken a wider shot to show the mess left by the loggers.

    Thanks and for all your other help. I will give it another try.


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