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Friday, May 21, 2010

5/21/10 Fletcher Bluff and Little Chic Hill

Map Scott sent me. Rte 9 to Stagecoach Rd., left to Bradbury Brook Rd. From there to start of trail across from orange town marker is 3.7 miles. We started up the tote road and soon came to a fork

We took the road less traveled and that made all the difference as it was a pleasant trail but the wrong trail and eventually petered out at a small creek.

Back to take the correct fork we came to the actual start of the trail at another fork but this time got it right.

This was a pretty trail through woods and an easy climb

that then opened up as we neared the bluff

To great views from the bluff with it's sheer drop to the forest below.

There were four Turkey Buzzards gliding about on the air currents. They may not be attractive sitting on the ground but they were beautiful in the air.

We followed the trail along the bluff until it began to drop down and after a bit we turned and returned the way we had come.

We decide to do Little Chic Hill ( or Little Peaked Mtn.) because it was near and we had not done it though we had done Big Chic. This trail started from the parking area at the end of Chic Hill Rd. and is short but fairly steep with some nice views. I believe you can see Fletcher from here.

Big Chic Hill from little Chic



  1. Beautiful blue skies and green foliage, wow!

  2. It all here in this post: cartography, beautiful views, fauna, flora, poetic reference, Big Chic, Little Chic...impressive. Was Kelley aware of the turkey buzzards?

  3. Thanks John. Kelley watched the birds but did not get excited. The vultures ( at the time I thought they were raptors of some sort) came quite close checking us out. I thought they decided we were too big.

  4. It's hard getting good shots of birds in flight, especially with my camera's shutter lag. These pics are fantastic!

  5. Thanks Scott. The birds being close helped. I wish I had had a longer lens . Those were taken with a 100mm macro- not really designed for that kind of shot.


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