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Saturday, May 1, 2010

4/30/10 - Lake St. George State Park

A bright sunny day with wind to keep the bugs down. There is a hiking trial that is described in an older hiking book that we once tried to find but gave up because the deer flies were driving us crazy. The trail is supposed to start at the park sign on Rte. 3 across from the main part of the park but after several minutes of wandering around that area we could not find it and started on a gated road nearby ( probably used by snowmobiles in winter). We tried to followed the directions in the book but always ended up off track. We passed many other trails ( cross country ski, snowmobile, ATV) and decided since it was such a nice day we would just explore different trails.

We even found the Sheepscot River ( the end point of the described trail) and Kelley had a nice swim.


Parts of the trails were also wet and a source of enjoyment for Kelley.


After about 3 hours of exploring we returned to the park across Rte. 3 which is located on Lake St. George, had lunch and then walked along the shore a bit. Kelley got in a couple more swims and was very happy with the lake.

So it turned out to be a very nice day in spite of not finding the trail we were looking for. The first time we came I asked the person at the gate about the trail and she said, "we don't have any hiking trails". Published state park info says they do but that may also be old information. The cross country trail signs were also very old and faded .


  1. Have you done any trips with the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition? Cloe or Skip would know the scoop on trails at Lake St. George.
    Have you done Blackcap yet, starting at Camp Roosevelt? My friend just took a bunch of pics there, hopefully this link will work:!/album.php?aid=170274&id=565538531

  2. Hi Scott

    Thanks for suggestions.

    We have done the Little River Trail but not Mt Waldo. I am not familiar with Blackcap ( more specific info on trailhead?)but have been unable to find another trail ( Eagle Bluff ) that is also supposed to start at Roosevelt. I even checked with the scoutmaster after a couple of failed attempts to find it and he couldn't help. Link doesn't seem to be working.

  3. Hi again.

    My Pbase site has pictures of the hikes we did before I started the blog

  4. As I understand it the trial up Blackcap starts just to the right of the Fitts Pond boat ramp at the entrance to the camp.
    My friend says the trail to Eagle Bluff has been obliterated by logging, presumably on the last half of the route. The last time I hiked it some logging had been done, but the way through was clearly marked. Once the logging is done maybe the scouts will get out and reopen the trail. Until then a GPS would get you there, but I don't know how badly the logging would impact the walk.

  5. Hi Scott

    Thanks for the information. Will wait on Eagle Bluff but check out Blackcap.


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