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Monday, May 17, 2010

5/16/10 Hidden Ponds and Tunk Mountain

Beautiful sunny day. We had done Tunk Mountain before but Scott suggested the Hidden Ponds and we decided to combine them. We parked on Route 182 and walked in to where the trail splits and took the right fork toward the ponds. The trail winds through pretty woods to the ponds.

At another fork we again went right and walked first to Tilden Pond

and then backtracked to Salmon Pond

continued on to Mud Pond.

There were several trees down across the trail at the end of this pond and they caused Kelley to work around them.
We then started up the East Face Trail of Tunk. The trail quickly became steep and rocky but Kelley was able to manage it on her own.

The trail opens up onto sheets of granite, some of which had ropes laying across them that could be used to pull oneself up. Kelley scampered right up those sections .

Looking back down the trail. I looked back frequently to enjoy the view and think next time to do the hike clockwise so that the view is in front on the way down.

There is a long ridge that offers even wider views

We continued on the trail down the mountain. That section was mostly wooded with only a couple of open views but much easier than the trail up. A very nice hike 4 -1/2 hours


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, although I hate to admit I haven't personally done that route yet. I agree that clockwise looks like the way to do the loop. Just have to keep an eye out for where the trail departs the ledges.
    I went back to Baker Hill and Long Ledges. I'll be updating my Facebook album soon.
    I have another hike for you, Bald Bluff Mountain, if you have a vehicle with a tad more ground clearance than a passenger car, like an Outback, truck or SUV. Do you?

  2. I must say Tunk is my favorite mountain of all of them in the area. You can see something like 12 or 15 different lakes and ponds, plus the ocean. And I love the view to the north, where you can see the entire range of dozens of hills and mountains all the way from Great Pond in Orland through Dedham, Chick Hill and on to Lead Mt. Plus, Passadumkeag Mt all by itself.

  3. We did have some difficulty going across the ridge. The marking became sporadic and people have made lots of short trials so it gets confusing.

    I wish I knew the mountains like you do so I would know specifically what I was looking at.

    I just have a regular Honda Civic

  4. Give this a try and you can be an expert!
    You can even call the automated service on your cell and punch in your GPS position while you're on top of the mountain and it will tell you what mountains you're seeing, not that I've tried that. And it's free!

  5. That's pretty neat. Thanks. Now if I had a GPS and carried my cell....


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