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Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/25/13 Sunkhaze Meadows

A bit on the cool side with some wind but sunny. This was to be an exploration hike. We went with our friend Faith and her dogs Roxie and Gus. Our first foray was along the Birch Stream on the trail I had accidently found last time Kelley and I were here. The trail was mostly easy to follow and we wanted to see how far we could go beyond where Kelley and I had found it. It turned out not a long way. The trail became more obscure and in searching for a continuation we found a beaver pond on our right and a large very wet marshy area in front of us. We decided winter, when all of this was frozen, would be a good time to explore further along the stream and turned back.

I took few pictures today and did poorly with most of those I did take. This is a portion of the stream we were following.

We then drove to McLaughlin Rd. and walked it to one of the old woods roads that branches off from it. We had  been on that road the last time we explored this section until it ended with no discernible path forward.  Today we would bushwhack  from there but with flagging tape to guide us on our way out. Our kind of vague goal was to reach either a stream or some other interesting feature. At times we were on rutted remains of very old roads and at others brush or boggy areas with nothing to guide us but a sense that \"that area ahead looks lighter or  promising in some way ". We found neither streams nor other dramatic features but had fun looking and  there was always the chance that we would find something around the next bend or through the next group of trees. It was also a beautiful day and good just to be in the woods with our happy dogs. The flagging tape worked well and we found our way out with only a couple of minor missteps.

The only other usable picture is of a beaver pond along the road on the way out.

 There are other (unmarked) roads and trails and we shall return. The Birch Stream segment took an hour and a quarter and the McLaughlin Rd. section three and a half  hours so we were all glad to see the car.


  1. I was wondering if you take a day pack with you when you hike? Also, does Kelley usually stay close to you on the trail or does she like to scamper ahead?

    1. Hi Kim- yes, I carry a day pack , water in case Kelley doesn't find her own- which she prefers and usually a small lunch and an apple we share during a break. Kelley stays fairly close but sometimes is behind a bit or a little ahead. She usually gets excited when we are some place she hasn't been before and then she tends to be more ahead of me. If she gets much ahead of me she stops and waits for me and if behind, runs to catch up.

    2. It must be nice to have a dog that does that. I want to train our next dog to hike with us.

    3. We hike mostly because Kelley needs the exercise- please read her story at the top of the blog.

  2. That log in the pond may be the only good picture you got, John, but it is stunning! I like the new one of you, too, nice casual picture, as though you were about to speak (and probably were!)

  3. Thanks for your comment, Faith - and you should like my new avatar- it's your nice work- and are you saying I talk a lot?


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