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Monday, January 2, 2012

1/1/12 Acadia and St. Sauveur

Beautiful day for a hike ( freezing rain and then plain rain kept us in yesterday) 30's , mix of sun and clouds, and little wind. We picked this area, even though there are some tricky parts for Kelley, because we didn't know if we would find icy trails and there are easy trails here too. We started from the Acadia Mtn. parking on Rte. 102 and the trail was wet but only a little ice that was easily got round.

The first tricky part for Kelley coming up but she was sharp today and easily found her own routes.

Lost Hat

At the top

We started down the other side of the mountain but knew there were more tough parts for Kelley coming up.

This is one of them which she ended up sliding down and I was afraid she had hurt herself. She was a little gimpy but carried on and this morning is fine.

We then took the Valley Peak Trail and the woods part was fine going up but when we reached the open areas there was treacherous ice. There were worse wide sections of ledge that we had to bushwhack around. Not a good place to be.

Kelley thought the view was nice anyway.

Because of all the ice we opted to get off this trail and took the trail to St. Sauveur which was easy. Sauveur's summit is wooded so no views from there. There was a sign stating that the trail between the two ends of the Ledge trail was closed but we ignored it and continued on down.

In a small puddle on the trail I found this 8 or 10 inch pool of brown objects that seemed to be moving. They seem to be some sort of larvae - how they were alive I do not know.

The rest of the way down was easy and I met a nice man in the parking area for a short chat. good hike in spite of Kelley's spill. 3 1/2 hours


  1. Looks like a nice hike, except for the "slip and slide" part.

  2. That is a wonderful hike! So nice to be able to go this time of year. I wanted to take my two dogs there, but thought the trail was too tough in a few spots-- one is Sheltie size and the other just a bit taller-- and your experience bears that out, I guess.

  3. Thanks for your comments Faith. It is a pretty hike but I think there are better trails to take your dogs on. There are several spots that are difficult for Kelley even under the best trail conditions and I had not remembered how many.

  4. One of my top five hikes in the Park - there are "better" ones but I really like the actual trail itself up Acadia Mtn - it's just so much fun to hike with all it's twists & turns, nooks & crannies.
    Though I did it (once) with our 14-year old dog and I had to do some heavy lifting in a couple tight spots - Kelley wants a steak!

  5. Hi Jamie- It is a very nice trail ( I took more pictures than I posted) and interesting as you say. Kelley did well on the up part it was the section down toward Valley Cove that was the harder for her. I did some lifting too- 60 lbs.


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