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Friday, January 6, 2012

1/5/11 Tunk Mountain - Hidden Ponds

Mix of sun and clouds ( mostly clouds) but warmer ( 20s) with little wind. We started from the new Hidden Ponds parking area and took the first left fork. There is a sign there indicating that the trail is no longer maintained ( it's not shown newer maps) but it remains in pretty good shape.

And is mostly easy to follow- there are various colored tapes on trees if you need them. The first part is flat with several marsh sections before it begins to climb. Some sections are very pretty.

There was some ice but none we couldn't get around.

Kelley was able to solve all her own problems until we reached a section near the ridge which we had problems with in the past. This time I did a fairly large bushwhack with her to get around the steep rocks.

The ridge is mostly open and offers very nice views.

We decide to complete the loop and continue on to the ponds. There was a crew working here this past summer and there is some minor rerouting ( the section with the ropes to help you up the granite is gone) and general improvement . Only problem was some rungs that have been added that were difficult for us ( I had to persuade Kelley to let me help her down while not falling off the rungs myself). There was not an obvious bushwhack around. She was very unhappy with this situation.

After that the trail turned out to be easier than the one we had gone up on. Still only small patches of ice but some was attractive.

Mud Pond - the ice on the ponds was making loud groaning sounds which I had not heard before and which startled Kelley

We decide to do the new Hidden Ponds Tail Loop ( also not on my map) and then had our lunch at Salmon Pond and headed back to where we had started.

I thought this fungus had a very nice array of colors

A good hike with a few challenges but we liked it. 3 3/4 hours


  1. Some of those lakes look like good ice-skating areas...or ice-fishing.

  2. I have never seen anyone on them. though there are old boats stashed in the woods by Little Long Pond.


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