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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/12 Newport-Dover-Foxcroft Rail-Trail

Gray day, upper 20's, light snow forecast. Kelley had an early appointment at the vet in Newport ( a little over 30 miles from home) for her rabies vaccination. Kelley actually likes going to the vet and doesn't even flinch when she gets a shot. We decided on the rail trail which has it's start from the same road as the vet and which we had not been on in awhile.

There was a little packed snow on the trail, which made for very easy walking, and then as we started the snow began. There was no wind and it made for a pretty walk.

The fresh snow made a good background for lots of interesting weeds

Most of the section we walked passes through woods but as you pass a section of Sebasticook Lake there are a few houses and camps. I don't know what this mailbox was doing there as there is no traffic on the trail.

Dead Letter Box

The trail also passed close to the highway at one point before returning to the woods. After an hour and a quarter we turned back and returned to our car. A very pleasant walk and Kelley was really happy with the snow.


  1. I love snowfalls with no wind. Still waiting for a big snow (with accumulation) here. (I know, I know, be careful what I wish for).

  2. Looks like a nice easy walk. A couple of hours outside is where it's at! Love the first pic of the woods and snowfall. Nice catch.

  3. Thanks for commenting John - I'm still waiting too- we got rain last night.

    Thanks Casey- You are right and it was very nice- Kelley thought so too.


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