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Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/7/12 Caribou Mountain

Gray , lower 30's, but no wind so not bad hiking weather. The last two times we hiked here we turned right (west) when we reached the Caribou Mtn. Trail so this time we turned east. You immediately start descending, at times rather steeply, and though there was little ice the dusting of snow on the wet leaves made it quite slippery in spots. We consoled ourselves that the climb back up , though more strenuous, would be easier walking.

This time Kelley is catching up.

The trail was mostly a woods walk but with a couple of ponds and a few streams to cross. This was one of them.

I thought we might make it to the east peak of Black Mountain but after two hours we had only started the ascent and I decided that was a long enough hike for today and we turned back the way we had come.

At one point the sun looked like it was trying to break through but it did not succeed and instead got foggy. This was our view from Caribou as we had our lunch.

A pretty nice 4 hour hike. I wanted about that length without a lot of difficulty for Kelley and she had no problems with any of the trials.


  1. Nice portrait of Kelley. I liked the grass-in-snow shot also. In Mich. we have 45 today and 50 forecast for tomorrow. If this is headed your way you should warm up even more.

  2. Nice close up photo of Kelley. I like the one of her running too. With the fog and clouds, it looks like Portland (Oregon, that is).

  3. Thanks for commenting John and Linda. 13 degrees here this morning with 36 forecast for tomorrow and 29 and 34 the days after so it doesn't sound like we are getting your weather John


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