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Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/12 Walden

Snow this morning- came down hard for awhile but then stopped suddenly and the sun came out. We only got 3 or 4 inches but it was enough that I had driveways to clear. Kelley was excited by the snow but waited patiently for me to do my work. I then took her for a walk around the neighborhood and we came inside. I thought we would have a day off and just relax. Kelley usually settles down and sleeps if nothing else is happening but today she kept coming up to me as if she wanted something. I had a pretty good idea what that might be so we got in the car and went to Walden for an hour.

This made the girl very happy. Though not a lot of snow it was light and fluffy and she romped about and did lots of exploring.

The sun was in and out and we had some interesting skies.

Even though I was not enthusiastic about going I was glad I did. It was nice to see Kelley enjoying herself so much.


  1. Few things happier than a Lab in the snow! Nice that you gave her the treat.

  2. Thanks Mark - she really does love it.

  3. Great pics, John! Gotta love happy dogs. Totally makes the trip!

  4. She looks like she has caught the scent of a field mouse.

  5. Thanks Casey - she often makes my day.

    Thanks for commenting John. Hard to say as I hardly ever see what she is interested in - unless it's something dead.


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