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Sunday, January 22, 2012

1/21/12 Another Section of Rail Trail

Cold and gray with lots of ice still around so we decided to do another section of rail trail. This time we started from Dexter - parking area behind the auto parts store. There were ice fihermen out on the lake we passed right at the start.

They had received more snow than we had in Bangor and Kelley was happy to get off the trail and frolic in it.

After you get out of the town the trail is mostly woods.

The problem with our choice today was snowmobiles. Though we appreciate the trails they pack down we are not thrilled by the sleds themselves. We have hiked many snowmobile trails in the past few years and only encountered a handful of them in all that time. Today there were very many and though most were courteous and slowed down when they passed us they pretty much destroyed any sense of tranquility. Kelley didn't care for them either - I would kneel and hold her collar when they passed but she learned the drill and when she heard them would, on her own, lie down on the side of the trail.

We made the best of it and I got a couple of pictures and we got our exercise. Kelley is really doing well right now, showing no evidence of discomfort and, as a friend said, looking very healthy.

3 1/4 hours


  1. Glad to hear that Kelley is doing well. Your closeups in snow are always a treat.

  2. Thanks John and thanks about Kelley

  3. Jake has been enjoying the snow that we finally have down here. Obviously Kelley is too. Nothing happier than a Lab in the snow!

  4. Hi Mark

    Yes, she does. She reminds me of a child in that she gets so excited.


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