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Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/14/12 Giant Slide Loop Carriage Road

Snow Friday night and then rain again, followed by colder temperatures and more ice. Wanted to get in a good hike because temperatures are supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow but didn't know what we would find at Acadia. They seemed to have got a little more snow than we did along with the the rain and ice and we decide a nice long carriage road hike was in order( less chance of me falling on my butt) . The Giant Slide Loop is a little over 8 miles. We started from the Parkman Mountain parking lot.

The snow had a hard crust but not enough to support my weight so it was a bit of a slog and a good workout. Kelley was supported sometimes and sometimes broke through. She didn't seem bothered and did a lot of running back and forth in the snow.

This stream was almost completely frozen which disappointed Kelley

Which way boss? One of the intersections.

At the higher points we got nice views. It had started out cloudy but we did finally get some sun.

The snow had blown about a bit and been glazed by the sun exposure and was slippery in spots.

A pretty good outing and though my legs were sore from fighting the crusty snow Kelley was ready to keep right on going. 3 1/4 hours.


  1. Beautiful trail! We haven't had to fight crusty snow yet, but know we will in the next month or two. Thanks for sharing - great pics.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting Casey

  3. Doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about with Kelley if she's still going strong after that sort of hike.

  4. I was concerned because of the irregular nature of her gait - sometimes breaking through the crust with one paw and not the others. Unusual activity often has a negative affect with her coming up gimpy but this time there was no problem. I chalk it up to increased strength- she just seems to get better the more we hike.


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