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Friday, January 27, 2012

1/25/12 South of Kebo Street

Mix of sun and clouds with temps in the 20's . Still lots of ice on the trails so we went to an area we use in winter. The road that leads into the park is gated in winter but you can park next to the golf course and walk in. We started west on the loop road which was mostly clear

but with a few areas of snow or ice where shade prevailed.

I thought we would walk up to Kebo or the Gorge to check their condition but Kelley wanted to take the Stratheden which is relatively flat ( she is smarter than I am sometimes) .

We walked to the Jesup Path near the nature center and took that to the Tarn. There is an interesting but sometimes difficult rocky trail through a field of boulders I thought we might be able to get around if the Tarn was frozen. It was but not along the edge so we gave that up.

From the Tarn we took the new trail back to the Jesup and the followed the new boardwalk. In the past this trail was often impassable because it was under water. Kelley thinks this might be a good spot for lunch.

From there to the Hemlock, up the loop road east and back, explored a trail not on the map that just went to the highway, then took the Great Meadow loop that brought us back to our car. Lots of variety and not much ice. 3 hours


  1. The sunshine is always welcome this time of year.

  2. Love the photo of the water's reflection! Sure am jealous of the times you get to spend outside. Mine has kinda dried up -

  3. Thanks Casey- I am lucky to have the time( retired), a beautiful area, and Kelley.

  4. are those places you're visiting approachable
    by nearby road, or do you have to hike for few hours to reach that poetic wilderness?
    it looks almost solitary nature
    do you also camp or at least bring sandwich and thermos?

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, they are approachable by nearby road. The maps should show you starting points but I can provide more specific information if you wish. It looks more wilderness than it is because there are far fewer folks on the trails in winter and we often hike without meeting anyone else. Most of the places we hike outside of Acadia also have very few people in winter. It is a very nice experience to have it all to ourselves. We do not camp but I carry water for Kelley ( in case the streams are all frozen) and an apple for a snack and also lunch.


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