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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1/28/12 Breakneck and Carriage Roads

Mix of sun and clouds but little wind and temps around 30. The Breakneck and carriage roads loop seemed like a good idea. There was still a bit of ice on the trails but easily walked around.

Clear water

This is a small stream that spreads out over the rocks and I hesitate to cal it a 'waterfall' but it looks dramatic in winter.

When we got to the stream crossing the water was higher than I had seen it before and the stepping stones were under water. We searched both up and downstream for a suitable crossing but all seemed to promise wet feet at best and possibly worse. We opted to return to our car to make the short drive to the visitor center and continue from there. On the way out we met a Border Collie pup and his owners and that was fun for Kelley.

From the visitor center parking we walked down and did the Witch Hole Pond Loop. The footing was good as it was mostly packed and pocked snow with small icy patches.

Witch Hole Pond from the start of the hike

and near the end

We met several other people - some with dogs - out enjoying the day. Not a bad hike 3 hours.


  1. Kelley doesn't seem bothered much by walking on ice. Not much ice where I live in S.E.Mich. (46 degrees forecast on Tuesday). Have you noticed any climate change in Maine this year over past winters?

  2. Hi John

    Actually she doesn't like ice or any slippery surface- she will not walk across the ceramic tile in the kitchen except where she has to. I think in the picture she is aiming for the edges which were more snow than ice.

    This has been the strangest winter I remember- snow in October and little since then. We will get a few inches of snow ( only 3 or 4 times so far)and then rain which melts it and then cold which results in lots of icy trails. Today it is 37 degrees- snow in a couple of days but then back up to 36.

  3. So overall milder than winters past. I recall much colder winters with much deeper snowfalls in past years. As a gardener I'm curious what sort of weather to expect in the summers ahead.

  4. Mainers say. " we'll pay for it down the road" . Usually mild winters mean more insects and diseases are able to overwinter. When we don't have consistent snow cover ( which insulates) I tend to lose more perennials than when we have snow that keeps them covered.


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