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Friday, January 13, 2012

1/11/12 Day Mountain and the Triad

Cold but nice and sunny. We started from Day Mtn. parking on Rte. 3 . Only small patches of ice on this trail , easily got around.

Only Day Mountain has a carriage road that goes to the summit so it's fairly busy in summer with hikers, bikers, and horse drawn carriages. No one here today.

After coming down the other side of Day we hiked up to the Triad on the Triad Trail

We decide to take the Triad Pass Trail down ( one we had not done in awhile) but it became a bit confusing. These signs are posted at some trail heads but more helpful signs would say something like " XYZ Trail formerly ABC Trail". We started down and found the Pass Trail but it seemed to be going in the wrong direction and it was. We ended up at the Pond Trail with the option of Jordan or Bubble Pond as a destination. We retraced our steps and got back on the Hunters Brook Trail and followed that down. This trail had some steep icy sections we had to bushwhack around but nothing too bad.

It offered some nice views

When we reached the carriage road we found the sign indicating the Triad Pass Trail was now the Triad-Hunters Brook Trail.

We continued on the carriage roads back to near the start of the Day Mtn. Trail and then to our car. The carriage roads in this area are quite nice.

Beautiful day and a nice hike even with the trail sign problem. 3 hours


  1. Cloudless blue skies and air so clear that you can see forever. Wow.

  2. Hi John - yes, it was a beautiful day


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