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Friday, January 20, 2012

1/19/12 Another Section of Newport-Dover Foxcroft Trail

Cold ( about 12 degrees) but sunny with little wind. Still lots of ice to contend with so we opted for a safer walk and decided to do another section of the rail trail. This time we started in the town of Corinna , just past the 7 mile marker and walked to the 12 mile marker where we turned and retraced our steps.

This part of the trail starts from town and passes a river reservoir before becoming mostly a woods walk.

These deer were quite far down the trail from us and just watched us approach for awhile before turning and bounding away. Kelley just watched until they started running and then she got excited, barked, and took off. Fortunately she only went a short distance before coming back. She has learned not to bother chasing animals she can't catch.

The walking was excellent as snowmobiles had packed the snow while leaving a non-smooth surface that provided excellent footing. We passed a farm near the start and there was some logging at the point we turned around but other than that it was very quiet, the only sound the crunch of snow under my boots, and peaceful.

Near the end ( beginning) there was a very modest white board church and this was a back window .
No dramatic scenery but a very peaceful and enjoyable walk. 3 1/2 hours.


  1. Deer...that's exciting eh? Nice stained glass.

  2. Hi John - usually she just ignores them completely.


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