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Monday, January 9, 2012

1/8/12 Petit Manan

Sunny, 30's, and no wind- a pretty nice day for a hike. We did the Hollingsworth Trail first which took us to the shore.

Usually we then just follow the shore south for awhile and then return the way we had come. As we neared the shore I changed plans and we just completed the loop back to our car and then back to the parking area for the Birch Point Trail.

Much of this trail is a pleasant old woods road with easy walking. I think Kelley has only done this once before so she was happy to be on an unfamiliar trail and did lots of exploring.

Near the end the trial forks and the right fork goes to Lobster point. We had hoped to explore the shore but there was little available for walking.

We then went back to the fork and on to Birch Point

There was a little more shore access but still much of it was not walkable.

There was frost on this seaweed

After a little exploring at the point we headed back the way we had come. This twig was lying on a piece of bog bridge - an interesting collection .

Leaves and ice- perhaps the first gray leaves I have seen.

Almost back to the car.

A pretty nice outing. Quiet , peaceful, and easy. 3 hours


  1. I've got to try this one..looks to be a nice day trip with maybe a lobster roll as a reward!

  2. Hi penbayman. Both trails are nice but I think I prefer the trek along the coast from Hollingsworth that we usually do.


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