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Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15/11 Old Town

Very cold . Stalled until 10:00 when it it got up to 1 degree even though Kelley was restless and wondering why were still in the house. We went to Old Town where we have never walked around and Kelley was happy, both to be out and to be somewhere new with lots of unfamiliar scents to check out. Even though I had my mittens with hand warmers in them and a hat it was just too uncomfortable so we ( I ) only lasted 30 minutes.


  1. I was glad to see your post: you are such an intrepid hiker, and today was cold for you, too! I feel just a little bit less guilty for not taking my dogs out. We did go to Sunkhaze Tuesday and were there when a light snow fell at mid-day. So very beautiful with a dusting of snow on the green and rust of the winter landscape there.

  2. Hi Faith-- Way too cold but I hate to deny Kelley at least a little exercise. She does so much better with it. We were at Sunkhaze Tuesday at the same time- you must have been in a different area. Maybe someday the dogs will get to meet

  3. Puzzling photo. I like puzzling photos.

  4. Thanks for commenting John- the only one I took-to damn cold- just some interesting paint

  5. Sometimes you just have to pack it in and sit by the wood fire..

  6. Hi penbayman - hopefully not too often.


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