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Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/30/11 Sears Island

Still icy around here so we thought Sears Island might be a good choice and the timing was right tide-wise . This time we followed the shore to the jetty and then took the road with a short walk to the Homestead Trail to take us back to the shore for lunch.

There was a fair amount of ice about, especially where small streams run out of the interior and into the ocean, but most was easily got around.

I had been asked about the rock formations that were the source of some past pictures and had promised him pictures. This is one of them. I wanted Kelly for scale but she is not cooperative about posing so I had to throw treats to get her into the picture.

And more rocks from different locations.

Waiting for me to change a lens.

This was the reflection we viewed while having our lunch.

A nice hike. Kelley likes the difference from the woods and does a lot of exploring. She is wary of ice and goes slowly like me and is startled when thin ice breaks under her step. 3 1/4 hours


  1. Beatiful swatches of texture: after all the crowds are gone and the pace slows down it is nice to enjoy all of the often overlooked details around this area.
    Sure there are some truly heroic, postcard-caliber vistas and picturesque panoramas around this neck of the woods, but it's pauses like these, to stop, look and linger over the individual ingredients that give such hikes a simpler intimatacy and sense of quiet wonder.
    It's like the difference between a good crock-pot meal versus the fast-food folks eat when thery're in a hurry to cram as much as possible into their Acadian experience.

  2. Thanks for your comments Jamie. I do enjoy the simple beauty that's to be found everywhere if we only look. I think Kelley being the primary reason I'm out there also changes my focus.

  3. Loved the photos of the rock strata! What neat patterns. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for commenting Linda and Happy New Year to you too.

  5. So many things to see! I share Kelley's enthusiasm for exploring the seashore.

  6. Thanks for commenting John. As someone pointed out, it's different every time.


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