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Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/9/11 Champlain Mountain

Mix of clouds and hazy sun and on the cool side. We parked near the nature center and took the park loop road ( closed for the winter) to the Champlain N. Ridge Trail ( Bear Brook on the map).

I am continually amazed at the places life is able to take hold. This was a rock wall along the road.

This turned out to be a more challenging hike than anticipated. We came here to avoid the snow in our area but did not think about the ice. The N. Ridge has some steep rocky parts for Kelley to work around and sheets of granite that today had lots of icy patches that I was forced to work around.

But offers some nice views

And other things of interest

There is a small pond at the summit but today it was frozen and Kelley did not get her usual swim. This is a view from the summit.

We decide to take the Beachcroft Trail down even though it has a difficult rocky section in the middle, thinking it would be easier than the trail we had come up. . The first part is granite ledge and this turned out to be even icier than the trail up. Harder for me than for Kelley even though she also picked her way to avoid slipping.

That first part had me wishing I was not on that trail and fearing a fall but we made through and to the rocky section which was more difficult for Kelley . Her expression here pretty much says how she felt about that section - unusual for her.

Through that section we found a pond and Kelley had a swim and I got a picture and we knew the rest of the way would be easy.

Looking back at where we had come you can see the granite above and the rocky section below that.
The rest of the way down is a pleasure, though perhaps not for those nervous about heights. The trail is constructed of hundreds of stones placed almost like a walkway and there are views to the side and below.

When we reached the bottom we crossed the road so Kelley could have another swim in the Tarn and then wandered around the area until we found a nice spot for lunch.

Somewhat harrowing but exhilarating and , it turned out, a good hike. 3 hours


  1. That ice covered granite looks treacherous...and Kelley's expression does say a lot. But you made it back, as usual, with another batch of nicely composed and interesting nature photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting John


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