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Monday, December 12, 2011

12/11/11 Little Long Pond and Eliot

Cold but sunny. We parked at the Little Long Pond parking area and took the Friends Path down to the pond. Even though the temperatures were in the mid 20's Kelley was immediately into the water

We followed to West Side Little Long Pond Trail to where it met the Jordan Stream Trail and took that to the Asticou Trail

There was lots of interesting ice about but not on the trails ( except some icy granite near the top of Eliot)

There was a fair amount of water in the stream and it was very pleasant to listen to it burble and rush as we walked the trail

The plan was to take the Asticou to the Ridge Trail but when we reached the Harbor Brook Trail Kelley took off on it and did not respond to calls so I had to follow her. She had met a nice couple and their dog Bear. The dogs played ( with lots of energy) while we talked. We then went back to the Asticou and resumed our hike. After coming over Eliot and down to Harbor Brook we met Bear and his people again and we all walked out together, with more exuberant dog play, to the road and back to the parking area. A nice hike 4 hours


  1. Sounds like Kelley took you on a nice hike. :)

  2. Yet another nook & cranny to explore… after rounding the bend on hiking most of the trails this season - within the Park boundaries, it’s amazing to see how much more there is outside the shaded area on the map.
    The ice really is pretty, but came close to joining you in the “break a leg” club after yesterday's trek over Cadillac. Discovering why it’s really not a good idea to monkey around what with all the glazing that covers the granite in some treacherous sheets of ice.
    From now on I’m sticking to the low ground…

  3. Hi John - yes she did.

    Hi Jamie - Yes- it's really not worth the risk- in winter we mostly stick to the carriage roads and loop road though we do some trails when there is good snow instead of ice- especially if a snowshoer has broken the trail for us.


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