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Monday, December 19, 2011

12/18/11 Carriage Roads Around Jordan Pond

Cold ( 12 degrees when we started) and 20 mph winds but at least the sun was shining. Decided on the carriage roads to avoid exposed ridges or peaks. Kelley was not bothered and was , instead apparently excited, running ahead with her tail wagging madly . She raises her head and puts her face into the wind.

I did not tale many pictures because my fingers were numb with my gloves on and I was not anxious to remove them. The first part of the hike has Jordan Pond on our right and Penobscot Mtn. on our left and is, I think, one of the prettier sections of carriage road

Jordan Pond and The Bubbles in the background

Some sections retained a light dusting of snow.

When we got to Bubble Pond we found a picnic table in the sun and out of the wind and had our morning apple in relative comfort.

The last section has some nice rock walls with trees growing out of the rocks. Once again life takes whatever niche is open.

A cold hike-it never warmed to any noticeable degree but still somewhat exhilarating -especially once we reached the car. 2 3/4 hours


  1. Another great walk and I love the pic of the grass with ice ringlets around them!


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