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Monday, December 26, 2011

12/25/11 Boyd Path , Triad, Hunters Brook

Cold and sunny but little wind. Kelley was excited by the snow and just being out in the woods. We started on the park service road from Rte. 3 . After the firing range the road ends and you have to look a bit to find the old trail which is on the far left of the small clearing hidden among the trees. Once you find it it is easy to follow.

When the Boyd reached the Pond tail we took that as it ran along side the carriage road and then across and began a gradual climb

To the trail leading to the Triad.

We then took the Hunters Brook trail down and again across the carriage road and down to the brook. The trail down to the carriage road had some very icy sections that we had to skirt around. Hunters Brook Trail crosses the stream several times and at one point the rocks used to cross were all covered in ice so instead of crossing we bushwhacked up to a ridge and walked along that for awhile and then back down to the trail that was now on our side of the stream.

An interesting hike. 3 hours


  1. Nice mix of near and far photos. The one of Kelley sniffing the air is especially nice.

  2. John - just discovered your blog through Kimball@ Trails NH. Loved reading your last few reports and the story of Kelly. My wife and I are avid hikers and spend most of our time in the Whites but are also particularly in love with Acadia. We also have a Lab (Jake) who just turned 13 this week. He's never hiked in the mountains with us but is the world's happiest dog when he's out walking anywhere and especially in the woods. Those walks are sadly getting shorter as the years go on. Enjoy every day and every hike with Kelly! They are truly a gift. My hiking blog is at if you're interested. Look forward to following yours...



  3. Hi Mark

    Thanks for your comments and I will look at your blog. Kelley and the hikes are a gift.


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