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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12/19/11 Sears Island

Timing of the tides was right for a trip to Sears Island. It was an odd weather day. Cold ( teens), sunny, and almost no wind when we started but an hour into our hike the sky had clouded up and there were strong winds. Kelley likes this hike because there is lots to explore that is different, the ocean to swim in ( though she didn't go in today which was also odd) , and fresh water trickling out of the interior to drink.

The change in the wind had been predicted so we started on the shore while it was calm. We followed the shore to the Blue Trail and took that to the gravel road. I wanted to get over to the other road and we found an old woods road that dwindled to a trail that took us across. We walked down to the jetty and then back up to the Green Trail which we had not done before. The sign is new but much of the trail does not look new and some is also old woods road. This took us to the shore in sight of the jetty and we followed the shore back to our car. This is some of what we saw.

An interesting and varied hike. 2 3/4 hours


  1. I'm no expert...but that looks like a nice collection of metamorphic and ingneous rocks. There are probably some sedimentary rocks in there also?

  2. Hi John

    I don't now my rocks. There are lots of very unusual formations on Sears Island and I discovered in nearby Belfast (12/16 entry) that I have not seen anywhere else on our hikes. I have wondered about their formation and perhaps need to do some research.

  3. There's always lots of different washed up "stuff" to discover on Sears. You've got the river, the east and west mainland and the ocean baring down on it. Never a dull moment there!

  4. Hi penbayman

    You are right- it is always different and we like the inland part too.

  5. Another sweet walk! I think my favorite pic of the bunch is the ice broke over the rock. Love the things you share with us.

  6. I like the broken ice picture also. Is that tidal action that causes that?

  7. Thanks for your comments Casey and John. We were there at low tide. I think the ice formed when the water was higher and then broke when the tide went out.


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