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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12/5/11 Redmans Beach

Supposed to rain tomorrow so we decided to get in a good one today. We had tried to reach Redmans Beach from the Caribou Mtn. Trail from the north without success so today we would reach it from the south as we have done in the past. We started from the trailhead on Black Mountain Road. A mix of sun and clouds but mild temperatures.

The first part of this trail is not too difficult for Kelley and we soon had views

Once above the trees there is lots of granite and large cairns hikers have constructed.

The trail then dropped back down into the woods

The Caribou Mountain Trail starts out relatively flat and quite pretty

But then drops rather steeply for most of the way to the Redmans Beach Trail. I couldn't help thinking as we were going down that we would have a long hard climb back up.

The trail to Redmans Beach is mostly flat and easy. Part of the way it follows a small stream.

No one at the beach

We had our lunch at the beach and then headed back the way we had come. This turned out to be a longer hike than anticipated but Kelly mostly stayed in the lead.

Just the last short downhill section to get back to the car

A long , 4 and 1/2 hours, but satisfying hike. When we came out of the woods near our car Kelley was not ready to quit and started out across the road. I was ready to quit.


  1. Yes it sure has been a bonus window of opportunity with the weather as of late - been taking advantage of it to explore this neck of the woods around Acadia.
    This is an inspirational post (like most): earlier in the season we, along with our 14-year old dog, had done the shorter loop up Caribou via the other trailhead and then back down to Schoodic Beach.
    Your picture of the summit forest brought back the memory of what a deep, lush mossy-green wood it is up there, a real sweet spot.
    Now looking forward to exploring this route!

  2. Hi jamie

    Thanks for your comments. There are some nice trails in that area and nearby.
    Feel free to make suggestions if you know I hikes we have not done yet.

  3. Lush browns and greens and "S" curves...very painterly.

  4. Thanks for your comments John


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