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Thursday, December 15, 2011

12/14/11 Georges Highland Path -Frye Mtn.

Supposed to rain tomorrow so we wanted to get in a good one today. Last time we were on the GHP we did the section up to the Frye summit. Today we would do the bottom section of the loop, or at least part of it ( the loop is 4.6 miles plus the 2.8 miles to get to it and don't want to overtax Kelley).

The hike is fairly easy with a gradual climb and good footing. When we got to the ridge we had a hard time finding the continuation of the trail. We finally found a trail but weren't sure it was the correct one as it seemed to be going pretty much down. There were also tracks in the snow and no one had preceded us on the trail up to that point ( where had they come from?). We followed this trail for about 20 minutes and still had our doubts and we had probably covered enough distance for one day anyway.

View from the ridge looking west

The only obstacles for Kelley were trees fallen across the trail which she easily found ways around
All in all a pretty good hike. Kelley found lots to investigate, there was water for her to get into, and the only ice was on the jeep road on the ridge. 3 3/4 hours


  1. Even though there are a lot of snow lovers pining away , those trails are a lot easier to walk when they are shown as such in your usual I'm always happy to get Kelley updates thru your posts!

  2. Hi penbayman - thanks for commenting. We were in there last winter when the snow was deep and the trail difficult to follow and I agree with you.


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