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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/20/11 Walden

An easy day. Cold and windy and I didn't feel like a long drive so we went to Walden and wandered around for an hour and a half. Kelley had been coming over to me at the computer ( which she rarely does) as if to say lets do something- anything. She was her usual happy self to just be out hiking- anywhere. This is the old rail bed and she is catching up after falling behind to do some exploring.

Ice kept her out of the pools along the way

Tomorrow the days start getting longer!


  1. Love the last image: that's the kind of tunnel-vision we all need...

  2. Thanks for commenting Jamie - I like it too

  3. Very straight (rail) trail. Terrific views.

  4. Thanks for commenting John- There are other old railway beds that have been converted to trails ( both in Maine and elsewhere)- This one has nice woods growth- some do not.

  5. Think you're going to have a fairly green Christmas? Looks like good walking weather over there!

  6. Hi Casey

    Looks like it - no snow now and only 'possible snow showers' in the forecast. How about you?


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